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CEM Tuition is an innovative new tuition service based in South Yorkshire. CEM Tuition aims to make learning fun and enjoyable, whilst furthering the education of students through targeted tuition methods (TTM). We believe that a child's individuality should be celebrated and therefore tirelessly construct bespoke teaching programs for each student.

Whether your child struggles with learning difficulties or just needs an extra push to maximise their potential, CEM Tuition has the expertise to deliver!

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How we work

In the first lesson, we will evaluate which areas need improvement. This is done with a series of small tests on the chosen subject. 

Following this, we work through the curriculum for the year and mark everything either Red, Amber or Green. We target the Red subjects first, moving up until everything is Green. 

Whilst doing this, we explore different learning techniques to see what best suits each individual. Exploring this enables us to cater to each students specific needs.



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"I have been a student at CEM tuition for 8 months and they have helped me a lot in understanding topics that I am not one hundred percent on. They have taught me lots of new things and skills which help me when I revise and do homework. In addition, their timings are very flexible. CEM tuition always makes sure that I am having fun as well as learning which ensures that I'm engaged in the lesson.

I would recommend them to everyone as they are great tutors that are always there for you when you need help, even if it is outside of lesson time."

Ilham Siddque